Sock Yarn

At Tinctoria we naturally dye Blue Faced Leicester sock yarn, a great 4ply that creates a lovely hard wearing sock, although 4ply yarn is not just for knitting socks. Beautiful shawls, lightweight hats or gloves can be made with it too.

A basic pair of hand knitted socks can be created from a 100g skein of 4ply sock wool. We personally believe the best basic sock pattern out there at the moment can be found at…/basic-sock-pattern-and-t… where a PDF pattern can be downloaded for free that is supported by step by step guides on the blog.

Some great ideas for Tinctoria 4ply sock yarn:
Grey for the main body of the sock, with toe and heel in yellow.
Yellow, slate and olive stripes.
Wonderfully odd socks by randomly striping every colour available!

Of course, if none of these colours appeal to you, let us know and we will dye a batch just for you! A totally unique, one off colour of your choosing.DSC00325.JPG


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