What I like best about dyeing wool with natural dyes is its unpredictability. Plant dyes can be notorious for giving different colour results depending on the time of year gathered, the PH of the water or any number of other factors. This was super fun in the beginning and meant a lot of time cheerfully seeing what kitchen ingredients did what to the wool in the dyebath. However, as customers are tending to want a particular colourway consistent across a number of skeins, random experimentation is not necessarily the way to go. ENTER SCIENCE…


Related image

Every skein dyed is now sampled and all specific dyeing details listed regarding water PH, modifiers and any sundry notes on anything that might affect repeating the colourway in the future. Colourfastness is also being tested for each batch. Am I enjoying dyeing the wool any less now I am documenting it so vigorously? Nope. Not only do I get to still experiment but I get to call it science, which is all kinds of awesome.



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