A rainbow of colours

One of the single most amazing things I have learned since starting to dye using natural plant based dyes is the sheer range of colours that can be achieved. An entire rainbow of colours! Up until now, I have deliberately made an effort to stick to one colour per skein, although within that colour I have always tried for a variegated/dappled effect. With some dyes this is easy as they react to acid and alkaline modifiers noticeably and can give immediate results. Dyes such as indigo give such even colour results it takes a more deliberate effort to achieve colour variations within each skein. Some of my favourite colours have been created with pure experimentation. BUT, today we are charting new territory…

To begin I am going to dye part of each skein with Lac (for a red/crimson) or Onion Skins (for Yellow). Then they will get a dip in Indigo. Fingers crossed for some lovely red-purple-blue skeins and some yellow-green-blue. THEN another venture, dyeing a series of mini skeins with indigo progressively darker for the knitter wanting an gradual colour fade effect.

Dyeing is happening this today!


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