What can be done with 100g of wool

A lot of beautiful projects can be created using one 100g skein of hand dyed wool. A simple shoulder skimming shawl, cowl, hat, gloves, or a pair of socks. Alternatively highlight the hand dyed wool by striping with a contrasting plain yarn. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and many hours can be lost browsing through some amazing projects (Tinctoria is on Pinterest too, check us out). Ravelry can be a useful source for ideas, it has a handy feature where you can search for patterns using the amount of wool you have, the number of colours you want to use or the yarn weight.

Of course, 1 skein of laceweight yarn is going to go a lot further than 1 skein of Double Knit wool. In the next batch of wool we are dyeing here at Tinctoria, we will be including some Laceweight 100% Merino. This is approx 1200 meters long and will knit up into the most beautiful and luxurious shawl, wrap or scarf.


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