Dyes and their sources

20170619_125656I dye yarn using natural dyes that I collect in the area around where I live, or I purchase them online. These dyes can be plant based (like woad, weld and madder) or animal based (like Lac and Cochineal). I am also looking forward to trying Fungi and Lichen dyes later in the year, if anyone lives in or around the North of England and want to join me on a foraging trip, let me know.

I buy most of my dyes from www.wildcolours.co.uk as either the dried form of the plant or as an extract. Its economical and results can be reproduced should I want to. I have also been experimenting with growing some of my own dye plants, particularly Woad, Weld and Madder. I love it! The picture above shows Woad seeds, dry and ready to either re-plant or dye with. I’ve also just harvested a miniscule amount of Weld tops. Its surprisingly rewarding to grow the dyestuffs next to my veggies and bee-loving flowers. All in a tiny West Yorkshire yard!


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