New Dyes

Last weekend I had a great day out at Yarndale in Skipton. I’m determined to exhibit there next year, so keep an eye out! In my wandering about I discovered a new supplier for my natural dyes and bought a few new dyestuffs to try out, including Annatto Seeds and Safflower.


Annatto Seeds dye a wonderful range of oranges and looking out of the window this morning I’m inspired to dye a couple of skeins of 4ply Merino Wool in an autumnal leaves colourway, I’ll take a few pictures and post about this next week.


I bought Safflower because I’d read from Jenny Deans Wild Colours book that it is one of a few dyestuffs that can give two completely different colours from the same dyeing. Initially giving a lovely bright yellow, Safflower can also give lovely pink shades too. This sounds like magic to me and I squeeked quietly when I saw it for sale! So, if you can bear with my geeky side I’ll also post about my Safflower adventures soon too.

Today, I’m mainly mordanting an obscene amount of wool so I can get to the fun part and start dyeing. Speak to you next week!

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