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Blog and Instagram

I’ll be making updates once a week from now on. A couple of months ago I was introduced to Instagram. There I’m able to take pictures of things that inspire me, whether its the objects colours, history or use. Nature often combines colours in a way that is unique and fascinating, something I try to reproduce in my yarn dyeing. I also get to share pictures of my hand dyed yarn. I discovered that I was making mini blog posts with each image and I wasn’t able to also keep up with my wordpress blog too. I’m adapting how I annotate my instagram pictures and instead will share in a longer format here. If you’d like to follow me on instagram too, I’m at

Furry Helpers

So I have a few pets, a dog and two cats. They usually stay out of the way but every time I get the camera out to take product photos, Angus the cat wants to be in on the action.


Way back at the beginning of my dyeing experiments, one of my darling cats (Rosie I think) decided to knock a skein of Dock Root and Iron dyed sock wool off the airer and onto the floor, then proceeded to pee on it. I discovered a whole new wool modifier that day when I saw half the skein had changed colour (from dark grey to pale yellow grey if you are interested).

And as for the dog? Any attempt at gathering berries involves watching her consume her entire bodyweight in brambles at the same time. One for the dye pot, one for her…


Hello and Welcome to Tinctoria.

At Tinctoria we hand dye Wool and other Yarns using a range of natural dyes. This results in one of a kind, beautiful hanks of wool that can be used in a variety of projects.

Natural dyes have been used for thousands of years to colour fabric a wide range of bright colourful shades. Each dye will gradually fade over time, so any garment that is made with this wool will change and develop.

We use a wide range of dyes from plants, roots, fruits and nuts. Metals, mushrooms and lichens can also be used to great effect. Colours achieved using natural dyes can change depending on the time of year harvested and the materials being dyed.

If you have a particular project in mind and require a set weight/length of wool in a particular shade, please let us know and we will be glad to dye a batch just for you.